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Flexibility + Stability

Stretching and stabilizing

  • 50 Canadian dollars
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Service Description

A flexibility and stability class is designed to improve your range of motion and balance through a series of exercises and stretches. The class is typically led by a trained instructor who will guide you through a variety of movements and poses that focus on increasing flexibility and stability throughout your body. The class may begin with a warm-up that includes gentle stretches and movements to prepare your body for more challenging exercises. You may then move into a series of exercises that target specific areas of the body, such as the hips, shoulders, or spine. These exercises may involve holding static poses or moving dynamically through a range of motion. Throughout the class, the instructor will emphasize proper alignment and breathing techniques to help you achieve maximum results and prevent injury. You may also use props such as blocks, straps, or bolsters to support your body and deepen your stretches. As the class progresses, you may work on more advanced poses that require greater strength and balance, such as inversions or arm balances. However, modifications will be offered to ensure that the class is accessible to all levels of ability. At the end of the class, you may be guided through a series of relaxing stretches and a cool-down to help your body recover and release any tension. Overall, a flexibility and stability class can be a great way to improve your mobility, balance, and overall physical well-being.

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